Haldane Tait – former Leith Scouter, District President and Area Training Team Member.

It is with sadness that I write to let you know that Haldane passed away recently and I wanted to make all members aware. I don’t have any further information on his passing at this time. Thanks to Diane Marshall and Isabel McNab for providing the following information on Haldane.

Haldane, while originally a Leith Scouter had a huge influence on many in Scouting way beyond the Leith boundary. It started in 1953 at the 7th when the Parish Minister at the time asked him to help Tom Scott who was the Scout Leader.

Over the years Haldane then went on to be the Group Scout Leader and was heavily involved at District level as well as the wider Edinburgh Scouting family.

Haldane was identified as having a special skill of leading and inspiring other adult leaders. He is remembered particularly during the early 1960’s for his contribution to training courses. His speciality was the Jungle dances which in the days of wolf cubs were an important feature in pack life.

Haldane had an interest, indeed a passion for the great outdoors and often led nature rambles and inspired hedgerow examinations. Later he continued to inspire hundreds of young people who because of their city centre tenement lives had no experience of the wonderful natural world. He was a regular ‘examiner’ indeed inspirer of the Conservation badge which was proudly worn by many Edinburgh Cub Scouts.

In both his Scouting life and his professional life his standard of ethics, his knowledge, his values and his practise has guided and inspired many both within Scouting and out with the Movement.

Haldane touched the lives of many and there can be no better tribute than those who knew him to continue to aspire to the standards he set.
Kind regards
Rob Whitelaw
District Commissioner